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A Tailored Cleaning Solution

Every property is different. And our job is to tailor our pressure washing solution to the specific needs of your space. When you choose Mighty Power Wash, you can count on a completely customized pressure washing solution. But you can also count on quality that lasts. We offer:

  • Advanced pressure washing equipment - Our technology is ideally suited to remove stains, debris, and other unwanted buildup. This leaves your property as it should be – flawless.

  • Specialty cleaning products - Our cleaning detergents are specially formulated to kill mold, algae, moss, and all the other contaminants that affect your property.

  • Safe pressure washing - Our professionals can safely clean the affected area in a way that removes buildup without putting the surface space at risk.

Is A Dirty Deck Hazardous?

The ugliness of your unclean fence and deck may be a drain on the eyes, but the hazard of keeping it unclean can be even more stressful. You may be faced with an unnecessary health risk if you continue to overlook the uncleanliness of your deck. The strain of regret from not having your fence or deck professionally cleaned will eventually take a toll.

What are the health concerns beneath the surface?

  • Bacteria - Disease can grow from bacteria that has accumulated on your deck if it is left unclean over time. If there are bare feet, pets, and people who are constantly on the deck, the bacteria will take on a new life, forming a disease.

  • Increased Longevity - The lifespan of your deck will be extended with a professional cleaning, eliminating the chance of bacteria and erosion taking over.

For your professional fence and deck cleaning call our Mighty Power Wash professionals today.

One Service & A Myriad Of Benefits

There are plenty of perks to routine property maintenance. But when it comes to your deck, it has a make-it-or-break-it impact on two important values.

  • Safe - When your deck is covered with debris, it isn’t just ugly – it’s a safety hazard. We remove the risky buildup and eliminate slip and fall potential to cultivate a safe surface.
  • Property value - When your property is well maintained, its value goes up. It also means that you can go longer between investing in costly repairs and replacements.

A clean deck and a spotless fence system set the stage for the rest of your property. When you turn to Mighty Powerwash, your property looks picture-perfect – and you don’t have to raise a finger!



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